Advanced People Knowledge

Thomas Thillerup

Behind every business we find people


Certified Business Coach who specialize in building strong professional character and identity with real values. 

I am passionate about teaching people to see and understand their potential, what drives them and what currently limits and prevents them from navigating their professional roles according to their beliefs.

Building a confident and secure character is especially crucial for leaders in new roles and the foundation for making right and confident decisions in a business environment. 

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Leading or Competing

Leader or Follower

Leading change or chasing leaders

You only live once but if you do it right, once is enough

- Mae West


People Skills

The single most important skill in a sales organization is people skills.

Why do people buy premium products and brands?

When we understand this we can upgrade our sales force with people skills to create a remarkable brand experience.

Essential for sales organizations is delivering premium experiences people will love to buy into again and again.  

Elite Minds

A personal program designed to accelerate your development.

Get a clear vision of what you want to do and the skills you can activate to get moving in a right direction. 


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